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eXtreme Youth Programs

Our 5 Pillars

1.  Community Outreach
Through song, dance, speech and other creative outlets, eXtreme teams spread its drug/violence-free message. Reaching out to schools, through civic organizations, participating in community drug task forces and through legislation development, the community outreach efforts in eXtreme are unlike any other

2.  Drug Education
At the core of eXtreme is an emphasis on drug/violence-free living. By teaching the health risks of using drugs, the effects of illicit drug use and the cost of drug use in today’s world, eXtreme arms members with the necessary knowledge to understand why they have chosen the drug-free lifestyle.

3.  Drug-Free Activities
Kids being kids while being drug-free is the goal. Activity nights or jam sessions can include hundreds of youth or can be as small as a movie night with a half-dozen youth. Research proves that keeping youth involved lowers the risk of drug use.

4.  Community Service
Teams volunteer in various ways in our communities. Serving others for betterment of self and community is a key ingredient to healthy living.

5.  Social & Emotional Awareness
Through engaging small group trainings, eXtreme members acquire and apply the skills, experience and knowledge necessary to manage their feelings and set goals, show compassion for others, build meaningful relationships and make responsible decisions for their future. 









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