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St. Mary's VBS God Squad

Tuesday, July 12, 20228:30 amFriday, July 15, 202212:00 pm
512 Champagnolle Road
El Dorado, AR 71730

“God Squad”
St. Mary’s Vacation Bible School
Parent Information

St. Mary’s VBS is open to all potty trained children, ages 4 through 4th grade. Programming will run from Monday, July 12 - Thursday, July 15, 2021. We will begin each morning with a light breakfast at 8:30 and run until 12. We will NOT serve a lunch.

The purpose of St. Mary’s VBS is to offer children formation and Christian fellowship in a loving and structured environment. Our Program this summer is entitled, “God Squad” and children will spend each day using stories from the life of Jesus to solve mysteries. Our program will be loosely based on the PBS program, “Odd Squad.” Children will enjoy a snack, spiritual formation, fellowship, and physical activity. Programming will take place in various parts of St. Mary’s. Children can be dropped off and picked up each day at the playground.

To ensure the safety of every child and our program volunteers, we will follow certain health guidelines. Every child will have their temperature taken upon arrival at the program. Children with a fever of 100.0 and higher will be sent home. All children are asked to bring a fresh mask to wear while at the church. They will be expected to keep their mask on when we are inside, except when eating. No child will be allowed at the program if they are being quarantined because of close contact with a confirmed COVID case. Please be thoughtful about the health and welfare of the other children and volunteers who run All God’s Kids when you make a decision about whether your child should participate or not.

Please let the program know if your child has any special needs, medical issues, or allergies. All children will be expected to behave and follow the community covenant and standard expectations that are set below. Any child who is unable to meet these expectations will be removed from programming to “cool down.” After an appropriate amount of time and a conversation with an adult, the child will be allowed to resume participation in programming. Should behavioral issues continue to arise, a call will be made to the child’s parent or guardian. Children will not be allowed to use cellphones during VBS. If an emergency arises or you need to contact you child please call or text the Reverend Betsy Baumgarten at 228-365-1785.

St. Mary’s VBS will ask all children to follow our community covenant. This covenant is a loosely based on the Episcopal Church’s Baptismal Covenant.

I will treat others as I want to be treated.
We are one Body in Christ.
We will pray for one another.

2. Personal Responsibility
I will be kind.
I will admit my mistakes.
I will apologize when I hurt someone.
I will ask for forgiveness when I do something wrong.

3. Be Jesus in the World
I will show God’s love through my actions.
I know that God creates everyone and so no one should be bullied.
I will look for ways to help others.
I know that everyone deserves love.

Any questions, concerns, or issues you have can be directed to the Reverend Betsy Baumgarten. Please call her at 228-365-1785.

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