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We continue to be grateful for those in the community who share in our mission to improve the health and wellness of southern Arkansas.  Our 25th year of SHARE was monumental in many ways, and we look forward to many more years of serving the needs of our area.

Dr. Brian Jones

Chaplaincy Services:  Provides spiritual care, emotional support, and crisis ministry to Medical Center of South Arkansas patients, their families, and MCSA employees.  In 2021, they had 3,144 visits with a total census of 13,436. 

eXtreme Youth Programs:  Provides programs designed to educate and motivate youth and families in the development of healthy, drug-free youth.  In 2021, EYP gained 165 students as eXtreme Members in five local schools.  EYP hosted and participated in many activities.  SMART Moves had 40 students; CATS Academy had 45 students; Camp Desoto Boy Scout Retreat had 20 members; Town Hall Meeting called “Talk, They Hear You” had 45 adults attend, and 5th Quarter in October had 45 students.  Many other activities were held where students and adults attended.

SHARE Grants: Provides funding in the form of grants to other non-profits that operate in Union County with programs that address violence and prevention.  In 2021, a total of seven non-profits were awarded grants from VIP totaling $223,050.

HealthWorks Fitness Center:  Provides wellness facilities and programs designed to impact adverse health outcomes while improving fitness and quality of life.  In 2021, HealthWorks’ memberships were at 2,900 total members including 12.4% primary, 33% add-on, 16% physician referred (non-paying), 28% corporate, and 10.6% seniors.  HealthWorks also underwent a facility and performance review performed by Healthplex Associates (HPA).  HPA provided a thorough review and provided valuable insight of the facility and equipment, sales and marketing, retention efforts, operating systems, revenue structure, staffing and compensation, and more.

Interfaith Clinic:  Provides access to primary health care to uninsured adults ages 18-64 through medical visits, medication assistance, and referrals.  In 2021, Interfaith Clinic served 457 unduplicated patients with 2,705 encounters.  The value of services provided in medical care totaled $113,850 and prescription services totaled $340,035.  The potential impact to emergency room services without Interfaith Clinic would have totaled $4,433,776.

Life Touch Hospice:  Honors every moment by providing quality care for those patients with life-limiting illness and their families.  In 2021, there were 392 patients with life-limiting illnesses that received hospice care including 37 admissions and 18 transitions to hospice.  Charity and uncompensated care totaled $160,053.

Palliative Care of South Arkansas:  Providing quality care and support for patients with chronic, serious illnesses.  In 2021, there were 29 patient admissions and an average daily census of 17.8.  The palliative care daily census has increased 78% since the program’s inception in 2020.

SHARE Scholarships: Paving the way for higher education to qualifying students.  In 2021, there were six students that received SHARE scholarships that totaled $24,096.  Overall, SHARE Foundation has committed to a total of $902,508 to 222 students in 16-health related careers and one public education career. 


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UAMS donation of 1.5M

In 2021, SHARE Foundation pledged 1.5 million dollars to establish a UAMS Family Practice Residency in El Dorado over the next two years.  The partnership will not only benefit the residents of El Dorado, it will also impact those in the surrounding areas across southern Arkansas and northern Louisiana.

“SHARE Foundation is excited to partner with UAMS,” said Steve Cousins, SHARE Foundation Board of Director’s Chair.  “The investment was made to bring doctors and their families here for medical training, economically provide more jobs for our area, and ultimately help produce physicians that will live and practice in El Dorado.  We believe this is the first step in helping UAMS make a long-term presence in our community, so we can continue to grow medical services and programs in Union County.”

Dr. Brian Jones, SHARE Foundation President, commented, “SHARE Foundation has a responsibility to promote health in Union County.  It’s our mission.  That’s why we believe access to quality health care is extremely important for our community to thrive.  We are excited about this opportunity and look forward to what is to come.”

SHARE Foundation Pledges $1.5 Million for UAMS Regional Campus in El Dorado | UAMS News

Best Places to Work

SHARE Foundation was honored and named one of the “Best Places to Work in 2021” by Arkansas Business.  This competitive annual program is provided by the Workforce Research Group where employers are asked to fill out an in-depth questionnaire about their company, while employees are asked to take a survey.  At this year’s awards ceremony, companies were encouraged to participate in a “movie-themed” costume contest.  Dressed as Harry Potter characters, SHARE Foundation’s leadership group won the costume contest and group prize.




Nolan Fund Makes a Local Difference

SHARE Foundation has many generous donors.  Eleanor Nolan founded the Charles M. and Eleanor C. Nolan Fund to honor the lifelong work of her husband, “providing medical and public health services for underprivileged persons.”  The Fund has been providing such services for over a decade.  The Fund’s goal is to provide access to health care inspired by Charlie’s life mission of helping those in need.  Beneficiaries of funds are specifically those from the region of his hometown, El Dorado, Arkansas. 

Examples of services paid by the Nolan Fund are transportation costs to specialized doctor appointments, travel expenses for family members who attend to loved ones over lengthy periods, and various medical services for those without access to health care. In the last two years, the Fund expanded recommendations to include paying for financially needy individuals at Interfaith Clinic.  In 2021, the Nolan Fund paid for $16,281 in needed labs and diagnostics for uninsured patients at Interfaith Clinic.

In 2021, a young man visited an out-of-town emergency room for abdominal pain and was sent home. He came to Interfaith Clinic after the pain continued. During his visit, he was in apparent pain and discomfort. Through the Nolan Fund, Interfaith Clinic provided him a CT test of his abdomen which showed acute appendicitis. He was at risk of infection spreading throughout his body with his condition. The patient was admitted to the local hospital and had surgery to remove the appendix. This young man was a self-employed carpenter with no medical or health insurance coverage. With a family of three children to support, he could not afford to pay for these services without the help of the Nolan Fund. Today, this man continues to work and support his family.

SHARE Foundation and Interfaith Clinic are appreciative and grateful for the partnership the Nolan's have provided through this Fund. Thank you for these success stories and many others!

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