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SHARE Foundation History


Consolidation of Warner Brown Hospital and Union Medical Center into Medical Center of South Arkansas (MCSA).


Roark and Associates retained for strategic planning consultation. Extensive study results presented to MCSA Board of Directors with many of the recommendations implemented over the next three years.


Board of Directors Ad Hoc Strategic Planning Committee appointed.

OCTOBER – St. Vincent Infirmary submits proposal for joint venture to upgrade Cardiac Cath Lab at MCSA.


JANUARY - Ad Hoc planning committee recommends a plan be formalized for vacating much of Warner Brown building and transferring all inpatient services to Union Medical campus.

FEBRUARY - Full Board of Directors meet two days in retreat for seminar with Orlikoff and Associates regarding strategic planning for the future. MCSA Board determines a tertiary or joint-venture partner to be a necessity in insuring long-term accessibility and progress in hospital care for South Arkansas.

APRIL - MCSA Board of Directors approves a proposal to compare associations with Baptist Medical Systems in Little Rock, St. Vincent Infirmary Medical Center and Columbia - HCA in regard to meeting capital needs of MCSA projects over the next several years.

MAY - Requests for partnership proposals are submitted to St. Vincent Infirmary Medical Center and Baptist Systems in Little Rock. Administration authorized to pursue discussions with Columbia HCA.

JUNE - Consultants to evaluate proposed partnership agreements considered. Four consultant proposals reviewed. Cain Brothers selected to determine fair market value of MCSA business operations and advise and consult regarding Bond issues.

JULY - Healthstar Ultima-Tenet presents Joint Venture proposal to the Board of Directors. Cain Brothers presents comparison survey of 50-50 joint venture as proposed by Columbia-HCA and Healthstar Ultima-Tenet.

AUGUST - Negotiations for a proposed letter of intent with Columbia - HCA authorized by the Board of Directors.

OCTOBER - Property appraisal of Union Medical Center, Warner Brown Hospital, and South Arkansas Radiation Therapy Institute obtained from Pyron and Associates, Inc. Fulbright and Jaworski of San Antonio, Texas retained as legal counsel for negotiations. Development of brochure, "Medical Center of South Arkansas: Challenges and Answers for the 21st Century, for community distribution". Proposal of partnership between MCSA and Columbia-HCA presented to the Union County Quorum Court. Court approval of sublease of Union facility to MCSA-Columbia partnership. Vote is unanimous.

NOVEMBER - Columbia completes due diligence process.

DECEMBER - Friday, Eldridge and Clark, Little Rock, also retained as counsel for MCSA during negotiations.


JANUARY - MCSA Board of Directors authorizes joint venture with Columbia - HCA.

FEBRUARY 26, 1996 - Formal execution of Limited Partnership Contribution and Operating Agreements: MCSA - Columbia.


JANUARY - Interfaith Clinic (formerly Union County Interfaith Health Services) became a SHARE Foundation agency and opened their doors on January 14th.
Chaplaincy Service added to MCSA and Life Touch Hospice (formerly Community Hospice).

JULY - Initiated Grant Making to other non-profits in Union County with kindred missions.


JANUARY - Pride Youth Programs (Arkansans for Drug Free Youth) became a SHARE Foundation agency.


MAY - Columbia completed the spin-off of Triad resulting in the transfer of Columbia's 50% ownership of MCSA, L.L.C. to Triad Hospitals, Inc.


JUNE - Wellness center venture began with assets transferred from the local YWCA.

OCTOBER - Wellness center venture named HealthWorks Fitness Center; Advisory Board named; Mason property acquired.


HealthWorks Fitness Center undergoing $2.4 million dollar renovation project.


HealthWorks Fitness Center undergoing additional $3 million dollar expansion project.

JULY - SHARE received a permit of approval from the State of Arkansas to build a 16-bed Hospice Inpatient Facility in Union County.
Completed 5 year strategic plan for SHARE Foundation.


Permits of Approval granted by the State of Arkansas to expand Life Touch Hospice to include Bradley, Calhoun, Columbia, Ouachita and Union Counties. $7 million dollar budget approved for the 29,000 sq. ft. Life Touch Hospice facilities; land purchased on Champagnolle Road; construction contract signed.


Financing secured through Simmons Bank and construction began on the Life Touch Hospice facilities. SHARE Foundation celebrates 10th year anniversary.


SHARE Foundation opens the John R. Williamson Hospice House- a sixteen bed facility providing end of life care to patients and their families. Community Health Systems (CHS) acquires Triad MCSA holdings.


SHARE Foundation sold its 50% membership interest in MCSA to CHS and will develop a new strategic plan. Completed 3 year strategic plan. SHARE Foundation, in collaboration with TOUCH Coalition, completed and published 2010 Union County Community Needs Assessment.


A Community Health Profile report was published. In collaboration with the TOUCH Coalition we, again, assessed the needs of our community in 2010. The "Union County Community Needs Assessment" is the basis of SHARE Foundation's Grant Making focus. Interfaith Clinic relocated to the Plaza Building at 403 West Oak, Suite 200, El Dorado, AR.


Completed 2 year Strategic Plan for our 7 agencies and programs.


SHARE Foundation is a Cooperating Collection Network Partner with SouthArk College Library set up and public training workshops held on how to use Funding Information Network.


SHARE Foundation will spearhead a reassessment of Community needs.

JANUARY - Completed 5 year Strategic Plan for our agencies and programs.

MAY - Life Touch Hospice has a new location that serves Warren, AR area.

JUNE - In honor and recognition of the many contributions made by Mr. Knox White to the health and fitness of our community, the SHARE Foundation Board of Directors dedicated and renamed HealthWorks Fitness Center building as the “Knox White HealthWorks Facility” on June 3, 2015. 


FEBRUARY - SHARE Foundation celebrated 20 years of serving our community on February 26, 2016.


The John R. Williamson Hospice House is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year.

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